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DAEPYUNG's Stevioside is a natural sweetener extracted from stevia(commonly known as sugarleaf) mixed with Brussels sprouts extract. Stevia's sweet taste is known for its  slower onset and longer duration than that of sugar and Brussels sprouts for its anti-cancer properties.


Stevioside has many advantages when compared with sugar. Since the sweetness of stevia can go up to 200 times that of sugar, only small amount is neccessary, which results in lower calory consumption. Also it balances out sourness; it is stable under heat, acid, and alkali; no browning reaction occurs; no dental caries occurs; etc.


Its high product quality and safety have been proven by winning the World Class Product Award in 2008 issued by Korean government.




Having a sweet tooth can have some phenomenally negative side effects.  Food manufacturing as well as governments and consumers know this as an increasing problem in our fast-paced industrial world people eat fast with little thought about what they consume.  On whose shoulders is it to select ingredients properly? And welcome if you in 5 seconds came to the conclusion that it is the responsibility of the consumer and in the following 5 seconds registered that your customers are calling you to help them choose better by offering better solutions to their dilemma.  Stevioside natural sweetener is a sweetener that is extracted from a sugar leaf of the perennial Stevia shrub.  Stevioside is known for its many benefits.  It is commonly formed by making a glucose compound where there was once a hydrogen atom.  The Daepyung company’s Stevioside products are widely known to be a notch above others in the market.


Non-brand specific Stevio-glycerides were approved by the EU (European Union) circa 2010 and the EU then prescribed a daily intake maximum of 4 milligrams, which, since less of Steviosides are needed to achieve sweetness, is a fair amount of sweetening, thus enabling scope in the application of products in which stevioside can be used. The various applications of Stevioside are prolific since there is less sweetener needed to achieve a sweet taste.  Stevioside can be used as an ingredient in products where you can readily replace sugar such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as medical products for use as masking such as in toothpastes and syrups as well as in canned and bottled goods.


There are many benefits to using Daepyung Steviosides.  In beverages, Stevioside is prized for its ability to reduce production costs as the Daepyung Stevioside can replace as much as 50-80% of needed sugars in a product compared to just 30% for other stevia derived sweetners.  Though less studied but immediately logical, Daepyung sweetners can also reduce the costs of canning and bottling by virtue of needing less product to sweeten.


There are many features specific to Daepyung steviosides.  The benefits of Daepyung sweeteners include: no browning reactions, no dental cavities caused by what would otherwise be sugar, it is stable under heat as well as acidic and alkaline conditions, has reduced saltiness and does not ferment.  The sweetener also provides what is described as a refreshing taste as well as a balance in sourness.


Daepyung have a variety of Stevioside concentrations available for use as complete products.  Daepyung Steviosides are available in concentrations of 50-100% stevia concentration.  All of the offerings have high water solubility a range of PHs and are stable under heat. The Steviol glycoside range is as follows: Rebaudioside A for soft drinks, sports drinks, diet drinks and table top sweeteners in concentration ratios to Steviol glycoside of 60:95%, 73:95%, 80:95%, 90:95% and 97:97% for recrystallization and available in 1, 5 and 10 Kilogram issues, Steviol Glycoside in concentrations that range in ingredient combinations from pure to enzyme or dextrin paired for functional foods, pickles, health foods and pharmaceuticals also available in the 3 size issues, Varying levels of purity of enzymatically modified, not just paired, stevia products for sauces, soya sauces, alcoholic drinks and foods also available in the three size issues of 1, 5 and 10 kilograms, a variety of four ready-to-purchase, table top items for all kinds of cooking and specialized food additives for ethnic cooking or processes such as for Korean Kimchi and specialized health drinks also available in the three size issues like Rebaudioside.


The partnerships Daepyung have been able to achieve the world over with food manufacturers as well as pharmaceutical companies are a testimonial to the performance of their Stevioside relative to other global market offerings.  The clients of Daepyung’s manufacturing customers, more or less anyone shopping in a supermarket these days, their purchase of the products too is tribute to the high standard of Daepyung sweeteners and the variation of their possible applications.


Daepyung the company was first established in 1993 and has not only provided customers and clients with Steviosides since then but also food additives, modified Steviosides, cosmetic ingredients and active pharmaceutical ingredients.  Daepyung company provide both solutions peculiar to Korean ethnic foods and beverages and their consumers as well as general foods and beverages that are cherished by customers the world over.

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Name: Lee, Ryan Tel: 82-31-709-7755


Daepyung, a ‘stevia’ sweetener manufacturer, has been supplying food additives, cosmetic ingredients and active pharmaceutical ingredients for domestic and international customers since we were established in 1993. We take over 60% of Korean sweetener market share. As a key flag ship company we have the best technology. Also, we take over 90 % of export share of Korean market.

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