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Orthodontic Anchorage System

Orthodontic Anchorage System
  • Orthodontic Anchorage System
HS code : 9021-90-1000
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Jeil Medical's Orthodontic Anchorage System is an intelligent device for fast and effective orthodontic treatment. Dual Top Screw consists of dual heal and has various head designs. They can fit in carious indications in many clinical applicable cases to provide easy use and patient comfort. Inferior head slots can hold wires while upper head can provide various uses since it can hoot wires or elastic chains. Also each screw design has various lengths and diameter, adapting itself in a lot of situation with different inter-radicular distance and soft tissue thickness




It can be a priceless reward for a dentist to give back to a person the ability to smile and give back to them the confidence that accompanies the renewed ability.  Such achievements nowadays form a portion of reality television makeovers that literally transform people’s lives and bring tears of gratitude to the recipients’ eyes and draw viewers to the screen to share the how and why.  Tools to achieve these transformations include many types of offerings but tools that are comfortable to place and are long lasting and entail few risks are the most superior and with some notification has potential too to draw clients to your practice.  Orthodontic anchoring with Jeil Medical makes the forthcoming transformation easier for your client and your practitioner task easier.


In placing an implant with an anchor it is kinder to both the patient and the practitioner to ensure that the anchor is one that will fit and bond properly to jaw and gum tissue.  Jeil Medical corporation’s implants are specifically designed with each of the anchor screws having various lengths and diameters.  The screw is able to adapt inside tissue to different types of radicular distances and soft tissue thicknesses.  Ultimately, this means a better service to your patients and a theoretically faster and more efficient healing time.


Jeil Medical corporation’s screws are made with dual and different types of heads.  For the function of tooth molding this product offering is a desirable feature for practitioners to have to work with and a desirable feature for patients when considering that a good head will enable the molding to remain placed upon the anchor and ensures a longer life.  The inferior head slots are designed to hold wires while the upper head can hook both wires and elastic chains.


The anchorage system has additional tools.  The Orthonia is a battery-powered torque instrument that prevents procedural screw cracking.  The lingual driver is for implants in the mandible and maxillary jaw bones.  The lingual driver can be operated with one hand, is enabled for 360 degree rotation, has a curved shape and is easy to sterilize.  Additionally, the system also has a drill and driver.  The drill and driver has various types of drill heads, a hand and a finger driver and also bits for contra angles.  The finger driver is especially useful for very difficult placements of implants, really creating a total patient and practitioner solution.  The actual anchor plate for the system is made from titanium and is suitable for osseo-integration, or bone joining, and fusing to tissue.  The anchor plate, because it sits outside the line of the teeth, does not disturb the teeth itself either.  The anchor plate comes in three possible positioning, head, arm and body.


The Jeil orthodontic anchorage system is listed for FDA endorsed use.  Many other practitioners have cited the system online as being a first client choice.  Given the ease at which the system is said to anchor difficult placements and replace happiness, the Jeil orthodontic anchorage system represents a best consumer and practitioner choice via these reports. 


The Jeil Medical Corporation also manufactures a La Forte System for the skull which includes: micro, mid, mini and maxi plates.  They manufacture a Neuro Fixation system which includes: Titanium Plate & Screw, compact kit and a 3D mesh former with a range of selection of 0.6mm thick plates.  Jeil Medical Corporation also manufactures a guided bone regeneration system which includes screws, mesh plates, J-Tac and a Bonesier.


Jeil Medical Corporation was founded in 1990 as Jeil Trade incorporated.  Jeil Medical Corporation both distributes and manufactures dental, orthopedic and neurological equipment and does provide some complementary services to customers.  They manufacture some equipment, such as that which is displayed, and domestically Jeil Medical Corporation acts as an import source for highly specialized equipment for medical and dental practitioners. 

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Jeil Medical Corportation

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Since 2000, Jeil Medical corporation has steadily grown into one of leading company as a manufacturer of orhodontic anchorage system and bone fixation system. We have grown at a compound annual rate dramatically and has operated profitably because of its history of reliable product availability and high level of customer satisfaction. Jeil medical corporation is one of the leaders in the highly specialized dental industry to achieve market recognition and reputation.

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