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Diaphragm Assembly for Steam Turbine of Thermal Power Plant

Diaphragm Assembly for Steam Turbine of Thermal Power Plant
  • Diaphragm Assembly for Steam Turbine of Thermal Power Plant
HS code : 8487.90.9090
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Diaphragm is a key part of steam turbine. Diaphragm is assembled in a casing,has a function that inside steam of turbine make a certain direction. Main Composition: Partition Inner web, Outer ring, Spill strip, Packing ring




Steam turbines have been an integral part of transportation and manufacture for decades. There have though been some advances in how we construct the turbines even if the basic concept of the steam turbines has remained more or less the same. A  Korea based company that has really made it their business to see to it that your turbines produce results efficiently is TurboPower Tech Co., Ltd. The company designed an diaphragm assembly that has become noteworthy for its superiority.


There are various components which are fitted together in order to make the diaphragm assembly. The TurboPower Tech diaphragm assembly comprises the actual diaphragm, the turbine, the partition and the seal ring. Each with special functions and made in a range of shapes from a range of materials.


The TurboPower Tech diaphragm has a specific function within a steam turbine. The diaphragm adheres to the casting and the function of it is to guide the inflow of steam in one direction. STI offers two types of diaphragms, welding and assembly diaphragms; B50A349A, B7B4A, K11B59A and more.


Related by way of steam turbine construction the packing ring has a specific function. The ring sits between the rotor and the diaphragm and minimizes leakages of gas and steam. Additionally, the ring minimizes the vibration of the rotor and improves the turbine’s efficiency and ability to produce steam. TurboPower Tech offer multiple types of packing rings including straight and slanted and many more in materials; HIP-B7B18, B50A265(A387), B50A908, LP-B11G21B and PBC2B.


Also related by way of steam turbine construction to the diaphragm is the partition. This part is attachable to the diaphragm. The partition allows steam to go through to the rotor and enables rotation. TurboPower Tech offer multiple types of shapes in their welded partition range in K9A62C, K9A59B and B50A365.


Additional to the steam turbine assembly, TurboPower Tech also make gas turbines and sell the parts. The company make forging ingots and select parts for wind turbines too. Most products are for welding, machining and CNC related industry. The company make all of their products via centrifugal casting and they claim that this affords them a reduction in both cost and productivity cycle. The company build their products within an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant environment. Their ability to produce results for industry has not only won them awards but has enabled them to stand apart. The penultimate test of the company’s level of quality and taste for the right product offerings came in their international sales which excelled and led them to be a world class Korean product. The company has many star banner supply contracts such as with Mitsubishi of Japan.


The TurboPower Tech Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979 as Dongwoo Metal Industry Co., Ltd. In 2007 the company received its current name after a number of changes. TurboPower Tech has numerous awards for both quality and business management. In 2007 they opened a dedicated research and development center and soon after also received a presidential citation for their new technologies in addition to the previous prime ministerial commendation that they have previously received. This is a company determined to help drive industry by driving engines.

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Name: Hwang, Sung Tel: 81-51-290-4216


All products of Turbopowertech company are manufactured by centrifugal casting. Our process simplify procedure and reduce both of cost and cycle more than ring forging process. Main Product : Steam Turbine Diaphragm

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