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Video door phone

Video door phone
  • Video door phone
  • Video door phone
  • Video door phone
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IF Award winner, the world’s best series product. We are creating only the best of the world.


Commax Video Door phone combined with security products surpasses the limitations of video phone products. Commax is the first in the world to produce ‘Smart View’ series equipped with quality, design and economic values.


• Fine view Display
• 3.5", 4", 5", 7" monitor available




Safety as a concept is all the more important these days as our city and even country based demographic is burgeoning in size all over the world.  The numbers’ increase in the demographic means that the law of averages of an attack in your home increase along with any increase in population in your area and chances are that if you are reading this article that the law of averages in your area has increased recently.  So, why not be of service to yourself, your family, your building or your office by assisting to prevent attacks with a Commax video door phone?  The peace of mind alone that installation can provide is priceless and with technology tearing down borders in all sorts of ways, the product’s ability to be transferred to PAL or NTSC provides a great advantage to any security system you could think of for your building, home or office.  Secure yourself and your world with a video door phone.


A full-color high-resolution screen is these days the industry standard for video door phones.  The Commax Korean video door phone is no exception, in fact, the Commax video door phone may exceed your expectations with its recognition and compatibility features.  The features of the in-house unit CDV-35A are most importantly, monitoring of your entranceway, blue light touch button and an LED backlight to the unit.  The unit is also PAL or NTSC convertible and you are able to talk with a visitor through the unit.  There is a 3.5", 4", 5", 7" monitor available.  Each of the monitors has a fine resolution display.  On the similarly shaped CAV-40NGM unit you are able to call from an entrance or lobby and have a conversation with a guard station.  It can also detect motion when it is connected to CCTV. All Commax video door cameras are connected to the monitor by a standard 4 wire connection whereas Commax video apartment phones are connected to a door camera by a standard 4 or 2 wire connection depending on the model


Non phone shaped door cameras include the DRC-40CS which has aluminum housing and measures 100 x 142 x 37 mm.  The DRC-4CG features zinc housing, is surface mounted and measures 88 x 120 x 18 mm.  The DRC-4CP has zinc housing, is surface mounted and measures 50 x 118 x 20 mm.  The DRC-4CH is the most futuristic looking and has zinc housing, is surface mounted and measures 116 x 169 x 42.5 mm.  The DRC-4CA features zinc housing, but is flush mounted and measures 124 x 186 x 50 mm.  Finally, there is a surface box with steel housing also available.  All Korean video door phones can be connected to more than one indoor phone.  The varying styles and different housing materials available mean that the camera will not protrude intrusively in your chosen design scheme yet be clear enough to be of helpful use to visitors.


In fact, everybody gains when even a single small crime is deterred and many clients speak highly of the Commax Korean video door phone.  Security, design as well as facilities management professionals, not just retailers speak well of Commax Korean video door phones and the best testimonial to the company’s quality and offerings.


Commax, formerly Joongang Electronic Industrial Co., was founded in 1968.  Just how Commax intend to meet their company mission to become a global leading technology company is a practical synergy of creative management and public relations.  Commax began in the 1960s during the birth of the Korean electronics boom and set the bar high then and continues to excel today where the company exports to over 100 countries all over the world. Countries of export include 120 countries including America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.   Commax also sometimes offer a discount through suppliers or even to suppliers for complete kits in varying sizes and people are able to select items for their individual home, building or office premises needs.

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Name: Kim, TeaJun Tel: 82-31-739-3542


[COMMAX makes your home more secure, more comfortable, And More enjoyable] * Your happiness at home is our No.1 priority to Work out for ensuring a better life and smarter life. COMMAX is the first door phone exporter of Korean company. Today, COMMAX stay for ahead in home Automation industry and well known brands to more than 120 countries including America, Europe and Middle East Asia area. There is more to come for your pleasant surprise on our fabulous aesthetic design and leading edge technologies. * COMMAX, Ensuring your future proof Smart home By our 44 years credibility built in the industry. COMMAX was established in 1968 inventing and manufacturing. Technologies address touch challenges liked to global were trends security. Intercommunication and energy in home industry with our unrelenting focus in quality delivery value and technology in everything we make and do. Form the interphone, door phone, video door phone, home automation, home network, home mobile to security system, we lead technology and market. With Creative, Challenging, and Communication, we will focus on researching and developing smart home technology and be the best to world leader in the field of smart home business.

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