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- Compact size of 1+1 Pocket Bankonote sorter
- Using Operating System (WinCE)
- Multi Language Supportable
- 4.3” TFT module with Touch screen
- Fitness sorting (Newton F only)
- Serial number detection




The ability to accurately discern your own money is important as is the ability to discern the money belonging to people for which you have governance of, even if just to receive. With millions of dollars being lost to revenues from fabricated notes, machinery which enables discernment is a valuable piece of equipment. The convenience this ‘helper’ affords extends to other functions such as sorting, mixing and various other features designed to make handling money and accurate, safe, legal and efficient experience. Kisan Electronics Co., Ltd. of Korea have developed the Newton bank note sorter and discriminator to assist with the careful handling of money.


The bank note sorter machine from Kisan has a number of general features and functionalities. The general features of the machine include; a compact size, a windows operating system that has the ability to support multiple languages, an LCD touch screen, detection of serial numbers and more.


The specifications of the Newton make it a suitable business purchase. The hopper has a capacity of up to 1000 notes. The pocket capacity is 200 notes and the rejected notes capacity is 100 notes. The three sorting speeds are 1200, 1000 and 600 notes per minute. It is possible to perform various operations with the machine. One can authenticate, value count, mix and single out, sort into face/ORT and the machine also has the option of assessing fitness and serial numbers. The whole machine has a weight of 11 kilograms and has the dimensions of 314 wide, 300 deep and a height of 276. It can accept notes from 100 to 185 mm wide and with a depth of 50 to 90 mm. The machine runs on a voltage of 110 volts to 220 volts and 50/60Hz.


You can use the Newton in many places and easily adapt it to your current location. The machine supports 25 currencies. Supported currencies include the U.S. dollar and the Euro. The machine display is a TFT LCD of 128 x 64 pixels that is connected via two serial ports (Rs232 type), a LAN port, a USB port and a serial printer port. These last features render the machine a straightforward addition to any network or office hardware community. The machine functionality is driven by IR, UV, optical and optional MG sensors.


Kisan was in the prestigious and envied position of being the recipient of awards for technology innovation. Their customers’ support to their product quality has been reflected in their high market share. The company has also been awarded the ISO 9001 and acquired CE. Over the course of the company’s growth it has received prime ministerial accolades, awards for technology and management as well as had its export sales volume recognized.


The Kisan Electronics Co., Ltd. makes additional products. The company’s K-500 pro is a cash handling system, The K-200 is a high speed banknote counter and the K-100 is a bank note sorting machine.


The company pride themselves on the research and development that has led them to excel. The research and development department is divided into the unique areas of inquiry that support the company’s product development. The company has sections for financial and office equipment, development support and a team for financial equipment and IT communications.


Kisan Electronics Co., Ltd. began the production of highly precise electronic devices in 1988. The company now exports to over 70 different countries now after a solid start in which they began with the goal of leadership. The company has recently begun a development concentration on the detection of counterfeits and note fitness due to the rise of crimes. An additional recent concentration of theirs has been sensor and currency specific development. The company aims to develop more products and refine that which they offer.

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    K500-PRO - 4+1 Pocket Banknote Sorter - Most Compact design & Vertical type - Multi-currency recognition(Max.3) - Listed on ECB x-framework website for fitness sorting & counterfeit detection - Designed for bank branch & CIT

    SMART - 3 Pocket Banknote Sorter - 7” External Operating Panel - Compact & Elegant Design - Smart Detection Module - Easy Maintenance - OLED Count Display

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Name: KO,DONGJOON Tel: 82-2-2204-7828


KISAN Electronics is a highly dedicated top Korean manufacture company to produce financial devices of currency counter and currency sorter with advanced screening capabilities to detect errors including counterfeit notes, double notes, chain notes, half notes, and etc. Since our initiation of production business with precision electronic devices in 1988, we developed currency sorter in 1998 for the first time in Korea. As a result of our various high technologies and experiences, we awarded IR52 Jang Young-Shil award in 2010 for the year of prominent job of technologically innovative activities. Assuring the highest possible quality and reliability of world-class financial devices, we are providing our best to attain the best quality of products in the Korean financial industry as well as exporting 70 countries worldwide with customers' ceaseless encourage and supports. Based on favorable reviews from customers, we have high world market share of products such as two pockets currency counter and sorter compared to major Japanese and German manufacture companies. KISAN Electronics will continue to make more endeavors to attain highest level of customer satisfaction with the continuous technology development and quality service. We hope to always get customers’ encourage and support to be a world top financial device manufacture company. Main Production Products Currency counter and Currency Sorter

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