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Peripheral Bone Mineral Densitometer

Peripheral Bone Mineral Densitometer
  • Peripheral Bone Mineral Densitometer
  • Peripheral Bone Mineral Densitometer
HS code : 9018.19.8000, 9022.14.1030
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1. SONOST-3000, designated as the world’s first-class product by the ministries in Korea, is an ultrasound bone densitometry. It is also marketed in Japan (Minelyzer) as the QUS device measuring the Japanese standardization SOS (s-SOS) formula as defined by the Japanese osteoporosis society. Its quality has been acknowledged by the Japanese who are known for their attention to detail and their high standards in product quality. It runs as a stand-alone system to allow an operator to undertake measurement conveniently regardless of time and place. Most notably, it emits zero radiation, which is the most attractive element of ultrasound-type devices. Thus even pregnant patients taking the examination can rest assured.


2. EXA-3000 is the one and only pDXA BMD device for measuring bone density of wrists and ankles, the areas the WHO recommends for measurement. Ever since its launch in 2001, the efficiency of the device has been fully recognized to a degree that it was selected as the ‘Venture Company Hit Product’ by the Seoul Economy Daily. In 2003, it was also designated as the world’s first-class next-generation product in the category of the ‘peripheral BMD.’ It boasts of the quickest scanning speed of less than 5 seconds based on the Cone Beam method and the strength that only DXA can offer as it allows an operator to measure a patient without having to take off their socks or stockings. It is a device for quick and no-fuss measurement and diagnosis.



Osteosys Co. Ltd. has developed a premier bone mineral density tester.  Known amongst clinicians as a bone mineral densitometry tester, these clinical appliances use ultrasound to provide piece of mind for clinicians and patients the world over.  Osteosys has two primary densitometers for bone minerals, the SONOST-3000 and the EXA-3000.   


The EXA-3000 is especially used for procedures on wrists and ankles as per World Health Organisation measurement guidelines and also measure fingers and carpal bones.  Initially launched in 2001 the EXA-3000 was awarded a venture company product award for its ability to enable efficient testing.  In fact, the EXA-3000 can complete tests within 5 seconds.  The software for the tester is optimized for BMD, BMC, T-Score and Z-Scores.  Further, the analysis is comprehensive and includes growth potential, age and nutritious state and trend of bones as well as future fracture risks and hereditary growth potential and future heights when examining growth plates of children.  The machine is very easy to both store and to use.  The graphics window is based upon windows XP, 2000 and vista.  The imaging produced is to the standard of an x-ray in real images.  The radiation emitted from the process is of natural exposure standard at 0.1 mSv.  The precision and accuracy of testing is cited at 1% because of QC Phantom.  The machine itself weighs less than 28 kilograms at 27.45Kgs with dimensions measuring 670 * 410 * 373 mm.  The source of radiation is a stationary anode and x-ray tube which is detected by a CCD detector. 


The SONOST-3000 is marketed in Japan as the Minelyzer and is in accord with Japanese standards in that brand.  The SONOST-3000 uses ultrasound not radiation and is therefore suitable in many more spaces and for pregnant women.  The SONOST-3000 has an x-x-embedded thermal printer that enables cost-reduction in the testing process.  The testing machine also has a sensitive 6.4 inch LCD touch screen and options are available to integrate the tester into existing office equipment with the use of external monitors, printers and keyboards.  The SONOST-3000 can perform its functions in less than 15 seconds as well as store information for 10,000 test patients.  The machine itself, independent of external options, is easy to move and install.  Osteosys state the machine is accurate and precise at diagnosing to a degree of 1% failure.   The coupling method used in process is gel and there is no water needed.  There are no great differences reported in repeated tests using the SONOST-3000 due to calculations using both SOS and BUA.  Additionally, the machine will show the patient’s condition with the standard deviation as well as the mean of a previously sampled group from x-x-embedded data.  The SONOST-3000 is truly portable at just 12 Kilograms with dimensions measuring 300*620*390 mm.  The measurement methods are estimated using heel BMD and Bone Quality Index (BQI) obtained from measured Broadband Ultrasound Attenuation (BUA) and Speed of Sound (SOS).  Osteosys have also developed additional bone mineral densitometry instruments the pencil beam DEXXUM and the DEXXUM (New) for spines and femurs and the SONOST-2000. 


Both clients and Industry have praised Osteosys systems.  Customers speak highly of the features and portability of the Osteosys SONOST-3000 and EXA-3000.  Customers of first innovations and new converts to Osteosys features are in full accord in praise of these technologies.  Although originally developed to answer Korea-based product needs, praise  for Osteosys is not just restricted to the domestic market.


The research and development department of Osteosys, founded in 2000, developed both ultrasound and x-ray BMD.  They developed the SONOST-2000 later in 2000 followed by the SONOST-3000.  In 2008 the research and development department also developed a full body diagnosis system after they developed the digital C-ARM, centurion arm, the first for Korea.  The research and development department of Osteosys boasts nine patents with approximately three more forthcoming in application.  They also hold four trademark properties for their industry. 


The core business of the Osteosys company is to produce bone mineral densitometers so they have pursued excellence in this capacity rather than diversity as a core business.  The research and development division of Osteosys does thorough irretention treatment technologies and strives to be forefront in the production of technologies.  The company was founded in 2000 and has since then excelled at being recognized as world leaders in bone mineral densitometry.   The company has exported its bone mineral densitometers to over 40 different countries around the world.

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OsteoSys Co., Ltd.

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Osteosys, specializing in Bone Mineral Densitometry, makes a leap forward into the world’s top BMD brand As a leading brand in BMD (Bone Mineral Densitometry) in Asia, Osteosys boasts outstanding technology and excellent customer service and such capacities have been acknowledged not only by the Asian market but also by the overseas market. Osteosys continues reaping brilliant results year after year outside Korea with a quality superior to other well-known overseas brands. Refusing to rest on its laurels, Osteosys focuses its research capacities even harder on the development of high-quality products by adding new product lineup so as to take the quality of the global medical service to another level.

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