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Polyethylene Ball Valve

Polyethylene Ball Valve
  • Polyethylene Ball Valve
HS code : 8481.80
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Daeyoun produces Polyethylene Ball Valve that are qualified by international standard. There are variety of PE Ball Valve type can be well putted every manufacture system.


Polyethylene Ball Valve - Main features


-meet international standards

-buried type

-1/4 turn open/close type

-no corrosion by all aplstic material including purge valve

-socket fusion or electr-fusion connection

-for purge, user can select 1-purge or 2-purge

-large diameter ball valve is operated by gear box




In a harsh winter or hot summer the very last thing that one would want to happen in a home of building is to have one’s peace disturbed by a break in supply. So important and even overlooked in terms of how readily we take these supplies for granted is it that entire industries are built around creating and maintaining the supply of these items. The components that contribute to create or maintain the supply are of great importance since much money can be saved by doing things once and doing them properly. Korea based Daeyoun Co. Ltd. recognizes that whether you are an individual homeowner, a factory based manufacturer, a supply company or organization or a service person hoping to boost your reputation that having the right ball valves in a gas and water supply system contributes a long way towards a successful supply of gas or water.


Daeyoun produce a polyethylene ball valve for water and gas systems that have some common features. All of the Daeyoun ball valves meet international standards. The valves are of the buried 1/4 turn open and close type. They cannot be corroded as they are all made from plastic materials and that includes the purge valve. For purging users can select one or two purges. Both valves have a temperature range of 29 to 60 degrees. There is a gear box for the operation of the ball valve with the large diameter and a socket or electro-fusion connection is possible. The pipe connections are, to be specific, Butt or electro fusion. They are full bore type valves. The valves are available in short or long stem. They are made in a standard dimension ratio of 11 but other types are available to clients upon request. The ball seat, stem o-ring and adapter o-ring of the valves are constructed from rubber and the rest of the valves comprise of polyethylene save for the ball and wrench adapter and stem.  The ball and the wrench adapter are made from polyprophylene and acetal and polyprohylene respectively. The stem is constructed entirely from acetal.

The gas and water valves do have some differences between them due to the different needs of the materials flowing through the valves. The gas valves have a maximum operating pressure of 5 or 6 bar whereas the water valve has a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar. The gas valves are available in PE80 or PE100 whereas the water valves are only PE100. 


Daeyoun have strong certification with awards in ISO 9001 and 9002, CE, the first CE award of its type for Korea, KS, JIS and additional system certifications. Bloggers, to the credit of Daeyoun, independently cite the size range compliance and non corrosive components as the best attributes of the ball valves. Daeyoun also makes PEX EF fittings like couplers, elbow and tee. They have an automatic bar coded system, extra wide fusion zones, easy installation, visible fusion indicator and an easy grip for large sizes. In addition to that the company also has available spigot fittings in different types such as 90′ elbows, 45′ elbows, end caps, flange adapter, tee, reducers, and PE – steel couplers.


The Daeyoun Co., Ltd has been exporters since 1984 when they began exporting to over 30 countries. The company has been contributing to the gas and pipeline systems within Korea and abroad by supplying high quality products that are continuously innovated and subjected to high standards of quality control. It is in this manner that Daeyoun Co., Ltd. assist projects, companies, organizations and people in households to avoid what is easily avoided by selecting good quality products to create or maintain a gas or water system. 

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Daeyoun CO,.Ltd

Name: Steve Lee Tel: 82-31-766-6511


based on our accumlated technology and affluent experience, Daeyoun have been supplying the best & stable products with our quality service. Also we have been contributing to the gas and water pipeline industry with supplying stable & good products through continual techonology development and quality control. since 1984, we have been exporting our products to above 20 countires all over the world and continuously developing them to sustain high quality and meet customer's demand liable to change as time goes by. Daeyoun will grow to be a global company, sustainable growing in harmony with society and the environment.

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