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Silk Jacquard Wallpaper

Silk Jacquard Wallpaper
  • Silk Jacquard Wallpaper
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Kim’s Silk, as a high-quality silk material production company, is seeking to become the center of silk material market by continued research and developing on beautiful and convenient material. Compared to previous PVC which is made of artificial flower, Kim’s Silk Wallpaper uses natural flower. 


Rated as the best among all kinds of textile, silk is made of cocoon and has high scarcity due to limited production. Silk has been loved through out history for many reasons: 1) visually it is beautiful, 2) in terms of the sense of touch, it is tender, and 3) it not only has no smell but also absorb bad odor. Therefore, it is only natural that people love wallpaper made of silk.


Kim's Silk Jacquard Wallpaper is a well-being products that can protect your health. It also works as a natural humidifier and it is naturally flame-retardant. It can conserve heat and absorb sound. Most importantly it has elegant beauty which will upgrade the value of your house.




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Your home may or may not actually reflect who you are, and this is especially true at some life stages, and for renters. But, it is possible to create a home to reflect what you truly value, even in some less than perfect homes, or in difficult circumstances or times. For those among us who value style, health and safety, Kim’s Silk’s jacquard wallpapers are one of the ultimate expressions of these core values. This newer innovation of fabric furnishing enables new textures, shapes and colors to be fully reflected, where before there was little choice and more use of synthetics and chemicals.


Imagine wallpaper that can improve your health and safety. Kim’s Silk wallpapers can improve your health through the use of natural silk materials. The health effects are real because silk works as a natural humidifier. Do not forget that silk is produced by cocoons for a very good reason. Kim’s Silk wallpapers are also naturally fire-resistant due to the silk material. Further, ordinary dirt can be removed from Kim’s silk wallpapers by wiping the wallpaper with a damp cloth − so there is really no additional cost in so far as modern expectations of durability are concerned, replete with much more natural materials.


Kim’s Silk wallpapers are made by affixing special paper on the back of the silk fabric. The bonding is done by a manual process, which is why they run set amounts per roll, yet they avoid any design angst caused by comparatively smaller rolls by allowing matching. Kim’s Silk takes special care to produce the silk fabrics used in the wallpapers so that alignment of patterns is easy and possible. 


Kim’s Silk wallpapers have many ready-made designs from which to select, yet they do understand that you may also have a firm appearance or design in mind. For those wanting to, Kim’s Silk wallpapers also provide a custom design service, meaning that you can create the wallpaper and look that you want. Kim’s Silk does not stop at wallpapers for their customized or seamless silk additions; they understand that many customers want blended items, such as cushions, curtains and wallpaper from the same silk fabrics and they not only oblige with this, but will assist to help you create those additional items. In addition to complement other products that Kim’s Silk also sells, design and make separately they perform a service for what they term as industrial items.  Kim’s Silk’s industrial items are items such as handbags


There are many placement and media endorsements for Kim’s Silk wallpapers. One of the best endorsements for these amazing wallpapers is their being used to decorate the walls in the Korean President’s residence, Cheongwadae as was once described to me by the owner first hand. This means that Kim’s Silk wallpapers are viewed by visiting dignitaries from all over the world, as well as being upheld as a domestic benchmark in style and quality. Additional awards and certifications that Kim’s Silk has received for their efforts are also resonant of the standards they attained and have since maintained. They have received certifications for ISO 9001, ISO 2000, INNO-Biz, designated a good product by Korea’s public procurement service and they acquired a new excellent product status for the wallpaper. Kim’s Silk also has obtained patents for aspects of their silk wallpaper craftsmanship. Resultant from their outstanding quality and ability to create desired appearances, Kim’s Silk wall coverings and their furnishings are sometimes also complementary, as well as being singular media features.

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Name: Kim, Jin Kyu Tel: 82-51-804-8044


Kim’s silk is a high-quality silk production company, which is contributing to building a beautiful world through good silk materials and seeking to become the center of global silk material market by continuous research and development and market exploration in order to advance silk products beauty and function to a higher level.

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